Start your journey towards being part of the solution. Get into volunteering! Learn how you can best prepare for more and more intense floods, fires and storms right across Australia and for cyclones in the top end. All it takes is three steps.
Scientists predict more floods, fires and storms as the planet warms, and Australia’s emergency management system relies on volunteers when extreme weather events hit our neighbourhoods.
Problem is – our 500,000 strong volunteer base is aging just when we need them most.
Our Extreme Weather Heroes changing all that by reaching out to inspire young Australians to volunteer for the emergency services via social networking.
This site is about your weather, your future, and what you can do about it! After all – it’s your weather – and your future. So step up – get skilled – and get prepared!
The weather makes for great casual conversation. Everyone relates to hot, wet, chilly or humid experiences.
We all live and breathe through constantly changing weather conditions. But how much do you really know about the science of climate change and extreme weather? Find out the facts and make up your mind!
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